Campo Tencia from the Piumogna valley


Not only Campo Tencia, but hiking and climbing in the area.

The Campo Tencia region offers the possibility to follow many hiking and climbing itineraries, such as the classical Horns’ Crest, the fascinating ascent to the Campo Tencia peak or the traverse to the other huts (Leit, Sponda, Solvetra, Garzonera).

You can also find other naturalistic points of interest, such as the Morghirolo lake.
The area is perfectly suitable for kids and beginners hiking and climbing classes, with the Climbing Gardens near the hut, where you can find the necessary equipment.

In the next pages, you will find some itineraries and peculiarities that you can discover in one or more days.

For additional information do not hesitate to contact us from home or once you get to the hut!