Horns`crest traverse

Neither hiking nor climbing.
The old Anglo-Saxon term “scrambling” sums up and describes the Horns’ Crest at the Campo Tencia.
This itinerary leads to the Campo Tencia summit from the Morghirolo Pass, through the Canà peaks, Three Corns and Croslina. The aerial view is breath taking.
The 3000 meters spectacular crest is located in the heart of Ticino mountains, and it has a nice type of stone, especially in the Croslina pillars. Thanks to the equipment, the ropes and the steps, the route is accessible to anyone who is T6 level. When you reach the Campo Tencia peak summit, it becomes a satisfactory path to the highest summit in Ticino. Another option is to follow the dividing crest between Levetina and Maggia valleys, in a superb panorama made of summits and valley floors.


Nord – West

Scarica il prospetto Tre Corni (PDF 0.65 Mb)

Technical features

Equipment: Imbracatura, 2 cordini e moschettoni (o dissipatore), casco, corda da 30 m per assicurare.