The first Ticino mountain Hut

Capanna Campo Tencia is property of the Swiss Alpin Club (Ticino Section), and the oldest hut in the Ticino mountains. It was built in 1912 at the foot of the Tencia peak, on the Leventinian side of Piumogna valley.

It is located on a terrace called Poggio del Giùbin, at the elevation of 2140 m. Toward north east the view extends from Scopi (Lucomagno region) up until the south east and past the Adula or Rheinwaldhorn glaciers.

The region offers many naturalistic excursions as for example the lovely Morghirolo Lake and the Climbing Gardens and it’s the perfect starting point for the main climb of the fantastic Campo Tencia Group and the classic Cresta dei Corni traverse. It is also an interesting base camp for a family lovely stay.

A great smile will greet you in the oldest Ticino hut.